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11 Days and I’m ALL done! December 14, 2010

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Don’t be a hater.  You, too, could be done with all of your holiday shopping with a little bit of organizing.

Also, for those of you that just feel the need to walk through the stores and feel and touch everything.  Get over it.

We’re in the GREAT RECESSION and time is money.  On-line shopping is the best invention since sliced bread, people!

Here are some of my fave sites for gifts:

Amazon.com — there is hardly anything you couldn’t find on this site!

Overstock.com – where they have amazing prices and I just got this amazing Hobo bag for a deal!  (Sorry little sis, was going to gift this to you for the holidays, but decided it looks too cute on me to part with!)

Red Envelope.com has really great finds — especially in the personalization department.

Others that I love:  Uncommon Goods and Sundance.

Of course, I love a good sale at Anthropologie!  (where I got the gift that I will be giving to my sister).

For the novice Ipad user, like myself, I would suggest getting an ITunes gift card so that they can buy all kinds of music and apps to their hearts content.  That would be pretty amazing, now that I think of it!

And if you have something in mind, a google search is just a click away!

And, as if you really even need a reason to go the easy route and do your holiday shopping on-line — it’s cold out there Baby! Why not spare yourself from getting cold and just click and buy!

Happy Shopping for the Holidays Everyone!


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