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Have you been to Artomatic? June 30, 2009

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Well, time is running out, but you should definitely go!

So much to see that it is almost impossible to see everything in one visit.  I had the opportunity to go this weekend and it was a wonderful and different way to spend a Saturday night.  Walking around a huge building filled with art with a nice glass (er.. plastic)  of wine in your hand while you take it all is a nice change.  And, it’s open until 1AM, so you never feel rushed to get in and out of there.

Here are some of my notable favorites:


A coffin made of hand guns. Makes you think!


Like a life-size someecard.


Is there a message here?

And my favorite part of Artomatic.  PEEP-O-MATIC!


Look familiar? Flashback to Inauguration in Peep-size!


Keep (Peep) to the Right!!! Apparently even Peeps get annoyed by DC tourists!


Captain Sully Peep-o-fied!


Peep Jen(n)s!

Artomatic goes on until JULY 5th, so don’t miss it!  Did I mention it is TOTALLY FREE?

Check it out:  http://www.artomatic.org/


One Response to “Have you been to Artomatic?”

  1. tkatecenis Says:

    Poor Peeps on the Metro, they look so pissed. I have been there peeps, I have been there.

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