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New Discoveries in the District June 9, 2009

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Some friends and I decided to go to H Street this weekend.  It was pretty much the perfect day for playing outside.  The rain FINALLY stopped and the humidity has not blessed the District in full form quite yet, and we had a full day of sunshine!
Here’s what constitutes my perfect day on H Street, NE:

Start at Taylor Gourmet

All I have to say is Chestnut Street hoagie and risotto balls.  OMG!


Then venture up the street to The Argonaut:


Margaritas on the outside patio…need I say more?

Ready for a round of mini golf and some amazing tex mex?  Check out the new H Street Country Club.

Hardest hole on the course!

Hardest hole on the course!

Gettin' frisky with the Meter guy!

Gettin' frisky with the Meter guy!

The H Street Country Club was awesome. And check out their menu (the food was delicious!):


Finally, we ended up at The Pug.

All I have to say is how can you NOT love a place that serves you cheese balls as a snack to go with your drink?

There’s no actual website (since in my book a myspace page doesn’t count) so I can offer you this:


Another new discovery this weekend:


From the owner of Busboys & Poets – we have a new Southern comfort food restaurant in town.


I ate dinner there with two Native South Carolinians who highly approved. And I quote: “These collard greens are done right!”. Need I say more? Check it out for yourselves…


3 Responses to “New Discoveries in the District”

  1. Samantha Says:

    I think the meter guy is even cuter in this photo than I did when I saw him in person 🙂

  2. tkatecenis Says:

    Of course, A mini gold BAR opens just as I leave, of all the crappy luck! Well, who won? Isn’t that what really counts not how many meter maid frisking goes on?

  3. tkatecenis Says:

    Gold = Golf. Duh.

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