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Blogging it out June 4, 2009

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To Blog or Not to Blog…

There is a story behind the Fencey name.  If you don’t already know it, you won’t be reading about it here.  But, what started off as a nickname quickly developed into an entire language of Fencey.

First it was just a name:

FENCEY… as in “I got it!  Your nickname is Fencey!”

Then it became a state of being:

“She is getting Fencey”  or simply,  “She is Fenced”

And then a verb:

“She is Fencing Out on him!”

So now I will just blog and be in the element of Fenciness.

As a self-proclaimed Foodie, a bargain hunter shopper and a lover of most things in DC, there is no focus to what I’ll be blogging about.

A shout out to my friend TK who has inspired me with her own blog to finally start something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Stay Tuned….


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