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Have you been to Artomatic? June 30, 2009

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Well, time is running out, but you should definitely go!

So much to see that it is almost impossible to see everything in one visit.  I had the opportunity to go this weekend and it was a wonderful and different way to spend a Saturday night.  Walking around a huge building filled with art with a nice glass (er.. plastic)  of wine in your hand while you take it all is a nice change.  And, it’s open until 1AM, so you never feel rushed to get in and out of there.

Here are some of my notable favorites:


A coffin made of hand guns. Makes you think!


Like a life-size someecard.


Is there a message here?

And my favorite part of Artomatic.  PEEP-O-MATIC!


Look familiar? Flashback to Inauguration in Peep-size!


Keep (Peep) to the Right!!! Apparently even Peeps get annoyed by DC tourists!


Captain Sully Peep-o-fied!


Peep Jen(n)s!

Artomatic goes on until JULY 5th, so don’t miss it!  Did I mention it is TOTALLY FREE?

Check it out:  http://www.artomatic.org/


Planes, Trains and Automobiles…literally June 22, 2009

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24 hours ago I was sitting on a plane in Sao Paulo getting ready for take off.  After spending 10 whole days with my entire family in Brazil (well, my entire mother’s side of the family – all 40 of us!), I was bittersweet about coming back. Of course, it is always sad to end an amazing vacation with loved ones, but there is also no place like home.

So, after an hour car ride to get to the airport, 2 plane trips totaling 10 1/2 hours of flying to get back to the States and a little over 3 hours on Amtrak, I finally made it back home to DC one day later.

Ready to get back to the grind tomorrow.  Sort of…

Here are some pics of my trip


New Discoveries in the District June 9, 2009

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Some friends and I decided to go to H Street this weekend.  It was pretty much the perfect day for playing outside.  The rain FINALLY stopped and the humidity has not blessed the District in full form quite yet, and we had a full day of sunshine!
Here’s what constitutes my perfect day on H Street, NE:

Start at Taylor Gourmet

All I have to say is Chestnut Street hoagie and risotto balls.  OMG!


Then venture up the street to The Argonaut:


Margaritas on the outside patio…need I say more?

Ready for a round of mini golf and some amazing tex mex?  Check out the new H Street Country Club.

Hardest hole on the course!

Hardest hole on the course!

Gettin' frisky with the Meter guy!

Gettin' frisky with the Meter guy!

The H Street Country Club was awesome. And check out their menu (the food was delicious!):


Finally, we ended up at The Pug.

All I have to say is how can you NOT love a place that serves you cheese balls as a snack to go with your drink?

There’s no actual website (since in my book a myspace page doesn’t count) so I can offer you this:


Another new discovery this weekend:


From the owner of Busboys & Poets – we have a new Southern comfort food restaurant in town.


I ate dinner there with two Native South Carolinians who highly approved. And I quote: “These collard greens are done right!”. Need I say more? Check it out for yourselves…


Blogging it out June 4, 2009

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To Blog or Not to Blog…

There is a story behind the Fencey name.  If you don’t already know it, you won’t be reading about it here.  But, what started off as a nickname quickly developed into an entire language of Fencey.

First it was just a name:

FENCEY… as in “I got it!  Your nickname is Fencey!”

Then it became a state of being:

“She is getting Fencey”  or simply,  “She is Fenced”

And then a verb:

“She is Fencing Out on him!”

So now I will just blog and be in the element of Fenciness.

As a self-proclaimed Foodie, a bargain hunter shopper and a lover of most things in DC, there is no focus to what I’ll be blogging about.

A shout out to my friend TK who has inspired me with her own blog to finally start something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Stay Tuned….